Saturday, June 6, 2009

love god. love people.

so this is going to be a more detailed update:

It's been a pretty long week. We have been having many meetings, mostly on different subjects such as poverty, immigration, theology, missions perspectives, an overview of the bible, politics, the economy, and more. All of these subjects stir up my heart everytime they come up, so it was so good to bounce issues and ideas off of each other. It's crazy how God encompasses all of these things and how he wants us to live out our WHOLE lives through him- every decision and idea saturated with who he is and what he's about.

Other than meetings, we eat at random people's houses almost every night. It's so so much fun. Think about big family reunions... that how every night ends up :) lots of tacos, salsa, and spanish!!! Last night we hung out with a youth group for a while, and played card games and ate hamburgers. I already feel like I'm best friends with half the village because of all of the fiestas!

and I'm having a continuous problem... I keep commenting on earings or bracelets that the girls where around, and they keep giving them to me. You see, here, when you comment on something, the person usually just takes it off and gives it to you. I feel so bad because you have to accept a gift, and yet they don't have much. haha, which brings up Jentry, one of the summer staff. She went to feed some dogs left-over spagetti and the girl just gave her the dog. GAVE it to her to keep forever. Later she found out we couldn't keep it and we all had to bring it back. The family was a little dissapointed.. :(

Prayer requests:
TEAMS come tomorrow!!! pray for unity, strength, and health. Pray that the hearts of the youth group teams would be gripped and transformed by God.
An abusive mother here with three troublesome kids that don't listen. Pray that the Holy Spirit would radically change their lives.
Health. My tummy is starting to hurt.

Our team is getting to know each other and finally talks. haha
Mexican people are beautiful :)
All finances have been raised!!!!

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