Saturday, June 13, 2009

First team: Desperation Church

We just led our first team for the summer here in Croc!!! It went so quickly. So much fun though!

So the team consisted of 18 people, about half youth and half adults. A good mix. They arrived Sunday night later then planned because of issues at the border. We were so excited as staff to finally have people at the base. Our schedule looked a little like this:

prepare for VBS and English classes-9
English Class-10 to 11
VBS-1:30 to 3:30
More english classes-3:30 to 5:00
7:30-(m)game night (t)plaza/soccer (w)youth group (th)house visit (f)house dedication of the house that we built each week.
9:00-team meeting
11:00-sleep on the roof :) (this is the only time to cool off from the daily 108 degree weather).

Our first week of VBS was huge! we had over 70 kids show up, without doing registration or anything. The local staff of the afterschool program have it running super smoothly and I have been so impressed by them. Working along with them has been fun. The three of them, Joahna, Gris, and Marco have such beautiful hearts and a huge passion for the kids here. They know each kid by name, and have so much patience it's insane. I am in charge of leading the games and snack. This has been fun because after four different times explaining rules in spanish, my vocab grows in leaps and bounds.

I've also been helping with the English classes. It's so cute to see kids after their classes trying to say "how are you" and "hello" to us. It just makes them want to interact with us even more.

I have enjoyed the flex and flow of it all the most. Here in mexico time is nothing too important. Everything revolves around relationships. Almost nothing is on time, and usually plans change 20 times. However, the interactions are priceless, and usually happen during times that weren't planned. Whenever there is nothing to do, there are always locals just sitting outside of our base waiting to play or talk. It's so fun. Whenever we drive or walk anywhere, I see so many familiar faces... I pretty much know the whole village ;)

This week we have free because a team backed out. We will be going to a boy's (Juan's) bday party tonight and church tomorrow (I love the church... so many sweet people there). We'll continue VBS with the staff and also English classses. Our next team comes next Sunday.

I miss you guys tons! thanks for reading this :) Enjoy your weeks!

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